Is Salt Bad for High Blood Pressure?

These days, many stories in the news paint the consumption of salt as unhealthy. It is a contributing factor in high blood pressure. However, the picture of salt as all bad is actually rather one-sided. is place where you will info as well as products of high blood pressure.

How Does High Blood Pressure Occur?

High Blood Pressure1Blood pressure refers to how much pressure the blood exerts on the artery walls as it circulates. When salt is at normal levels in the body, the kidneys do a good job of filtering it out. Too much salt means that it cannot all be eliminated through urination. Whatever is left stays in the blood, where it attracts more water into the blood stream. Since there is more fluid passing through the arteries all at once, it exerts extra pressure, resulting in high blood pressure, according to Dr. Mark Stibich, of

Since salt has a direct impact on the level of water in the blood, it is a culprit in causing high blood pressure. Some other things contribute, as well, such as age, extra weight, heredity, poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise and stress. Ideally, all of these need to be controlled to control high blood pressure. But that is still not the whole story.

Some Salt is Good

The truth is that the human body needs salt. Low sodium isn’t any healthier than high sodium. But the problem arises in most people when their level of sodium, is very high and their level of potassium is very low. Striking a balance between the two is critical in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Most sodium enters the body through foods that we eat in restaurants and processed foods that we buy in the grocery store. Very little of it actually comes through the use of table salt, but cutting down is still a good idea for most people, according the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

How Fast does a Paintball Gun Shoot?

Paintball is a sport, training exercise or a recreational game that is played by many people. Participants that are involved in this game use specially designed weapons to shoot ammo that is made up of paint pellets. When people are trying to avoid being hit by a paintball pellet they have to anticipate an attack from their opponents. The fact is that there is no way to avoid a pellet once it is fired; simply because it moves too fast. So, how fast does the fastest paintball gun shoot? Keep reading the following material and you will discover the answer that question.

How Fast does a Paintball Gun Shoot?

Paintball Pellet Speeds


Paintball pellets are fired at speeds of nearly 200 mph or 300 fps (feet per second). While this type of speed is pretty slow for a firearm, it still is an extremely fast speed that most people cannot avoid. Keep in mind that the average speed of a bullet is 2,500 fps or about 1,700 mph. Some paintball pellets can shoot at a greater speed than 200mph and some have a slower velocity.


Newer paintball gun models, like the spyder fenix, are designed for rapid response and they can emit pellets at a rapid pace that is similar to an automatic weapon. Other paint gun models are similar to semi-automatic weapons and shoot pellets in rapid manner or one shot at a time. The higher end models are specifically designed for quick and accurate firing on the field.

Paintball Pellet Speeds and Accuracy


Since paintball pellets move at incredibly fast speeds (when compared to humans) it is impossible to avoid being hit once a person has been targeted. However, what saves people from being hit (after being targeted) has to do with a shooter’s accuracy. If a person shooting a paintball does not have good aim, they will usually miss their target once they fire. If this happens, a person can then evade incoming paint pellets or return fire.


Manufacturers are always improving paint gun technology. They are making them faster and more accurate. While it is not safe or necessary to have a paint gun to shoot as fast a regular weapon; the speeds for pellet ammo will slowly increase over time.